Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baba Obasanjo might just be right....We are Jinxed!!!

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo believes that the country is "cursed and jinxed".Speaking at the 4th Annual Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit, organised by Centre for Sustainable Development, University of Ibadan, in collaboration with African Sustainable Development Network, Baba OBJ made a shocking but true statement.

“We had some people who were under 50 years in leadership positions,” he said. “One of them was James Ibori, where is he today? One of them was Alamieyeseigha, where is he today? Lucky Igbinedion, where is he today? The youngest was the Speaker, (Salisu) Buhari; you can still recall what happened to him. You said Bola Tinubu is your master. What Buhari did was not anything worse than what Bola Tinubu did.
We got them impeached. But in this part of the world, some people covered up the other man. The man claimed he went to Government College, Ibadan, but the governor (Oyo State) went to Government College and packed all the documents so that they would not know that he did not go there. I wanted someone who would succeed me so I took Atiku. Within a year, I started seeing the type of man Atiku is. And you want me to get him there?”
  No matter the opinion you have about Obasanjo, there is no denying the fact that he was spot on. Most (not all) of the younger politicians have disappointed us politically and morally. With Fani-kayode's childish blabbings, El-rufai's double speak, Orji Kalu & Bankole's corruption cases etc.... Am scared Obasanjo might be right: we might actually be jinxed or cursed, leadership wise!!!

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